We tried to tell you ahead of the new field pass so that you

We tried to tell you ahead of the new field pass so that you

I understand a lot of this frustration. We tried to tell you ahead of the new field pass so that you can make your own decision about how to proceed. New App does not allow transfer of any sort. It is not a choice we decided to fail. I expect you tune into the streams and see a lot of the new stuff M21M has to Madden 21 coins offer, there's a lot to be shown every Monday for another month. 1st Party App shops do not allow transfers. What happens when we still have MC equilibrium at the end of the season? Can you shed any light on the rationale behind this bold move? I'd have to assume it is upgrading the motor or the framework for which they want the match built. Madden 15-20 have been somewhat similar concerning design, with live events, seasons, and such. Madden 25 (if you played with that back) was enormously different, and the exact last app before this new iteration that has been occurring for 6 decades.

Obviously we can not say much till we see new gameplay, but I expect the dumb blocking mechanisms are mended. Then yeah, the same business between the versions concerning transfer. That is horseshit. You are already linking accounts. Unless MC isn't needed because the game is entirely Free to Play (hahahahahahahahahaha) then a currency conversion is straight-forward. Users are even doing the hard work for you by linking the accounts currently utilized to those that will be utilised in the future. Either you have some really shitty developers who can't create a basic table, or this really is a choice caused by greed or laziness. So compensate us both in the next year's match. I've got $200 of MC that is now useless. Unfortunately it is not useless as you can still use it.

What exactly are we connecting accounts for when nothing transfers over? Transfer of any type? Does this include legacy stats and possible season score benefits? Yes and yes. New app = no transfer. Similar to Madden 25 into Madden 15 change if you're acquainted with this. Completely different programs means nothing can be brought over. Assuming this includes leagues not transferring over? You tried to tell us just before the field pass. What about the folks like myself that have been holding onto madden money over the past couple of months? This is something which should have been addressed far earlier. "Not an option we chose to neglect" is not an excuse when EA has a multitude of resources available to have the ability to provide players that have invested money on this sport some type of reimbursement entering the new season. You can't honestly expect us to believe that EA is not able dentify players who now hold Madden Cash and therefore are completely unable to compensate them in some way in the 21 season. We spent real money on this game and we should be able to use the product we paid for how we see fit. Wonder how my credit card company would manage a charge back to the money I spent on the madden cash I'll potentially be losing heading into next season. Ignore all the negativity Nick. The silent majority of this fan base really like these changes! Can not wait for Aug 6. Keep up the fantastic work!

Madden 21: 5 Reasons The Next-Gen Version Matters

Though Madden 21 launched months back at this point, it ought to enjoy a second peak resurgence because of its official launch on the PS5 and Xbox Series X next-gen consoles. The game is playable on both systems via every hardware backward compatibility initiatives, but an optimized interface will be released on December 4th, 2020. The brand new version has a plethora of brand new features and improvements throughout. Does the next-gen variation of Madden 21 thing? Or does the NFL's premier movie game landing PS5 and Xbox collection X amount to hardly any? This was a key point of contention for the Madden community for buy Madden nfl 21 coins what appears to be the greater part of the previous ten years.


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