WoW Shadowlands changed because it changed with the changes of the times

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The Shadowlands update has brought a lot of changes, giving old players a lot of different experiences, such as including clear transgender characters for the first time, and reducing the cost of players changing the gender of the characters. World of Warcraft has been making some small progress recently. In fact, elements such as better customization options in the new expansion are things that Blizzard has been thinking about for a while, but because of concerns about the need to find equal options for all other races in the game (including tauren), they "overthinking" ". In the end, the development team believes that it is best not to overly personify certain races and make changes anyway.

In light of these moves, has the World of Warcraft team ever considered changing older content that has been criticized in similar ways, such as the racial stereotypes maintained by tauren and trolls. Times have changed; people's perceptions have changed. They think they also need to make more progress, so the content of progress is this reflection.

16 years later. Times have changed, and people's views have changed. The World of Warcraft team also made changes to the game, but they did not try to go back and rewrite the history of World of Warcraft. It seemed harmless at the WOW Classic Gold For Sale time and it had already caught their attention, but it was really not cool. The team came back and changed a few things. But they are also very careful about changing the game.

What makes the WOW Classic Gold development team feel good is that World of Warcraft has always been a youth game. This situation is also because they did not try to put in things that might arouse people's disgust, so in those situations that may have happened, it may be innocent and easy for them to repair.

World of Warcraft conducted this experiment because many MMORPGs were launched during the rise of free games, so the company hopes to test new revenue models. But this may change and it is beyond the realm of MMO.

Regardless of what the players think of the development team, for players, the game change is exactly what they need now, and this is one of the reasons why they stay. They are constantly leveling in the game before waiting for the arrival of new expansions.

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